Saturday, February 7, 2009

501c3 Status is Official

San Elijo College has received official confirmation from the IRS that our 501c3 status has been formally granted. All donations given since June 2008 are tax deductible. This is great news as we continue our fundraising for 2009.

Our next step is to apply for approval to operate from the State of California. Since the veto of SB 823 last fall, there has effectively been no governing agency for the college to apply for approval to operate. The current bill AB 40 looks like it will fund a new agency, but it isn't clear if the new agency will approve new colleges or not. The Department of Consumer Affairs currently has a message posted on their website, which can be found here

We are working with our California State Senator, Mark Wyland's staff for guidance navigating the process for our approval by the state. We are grateful for our elected leaders and state officials who work hard to keep things moving smoothly for us.

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